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Invader Zim is mai life

Profile picture above made by SereBunii

So hi, the name's IrkenFangirl. Guess you can call me Irke for short (or Spacy, if you're from my other account, xXspacetrashXx . I'm a big fan of Eddsworld and Invader Zim (though I'm not in that fandom anymore) I also think ink demons are awesome. Don't judge me please.

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:iconelementalkitti: :iconblacksaphire45:

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hey guys, me and ProfessorTech are trying to find someone who can do digital commissions. If you know anyone who does, please let us know!

Hope you're all having a pleasant day :)
lol, I can hear fireworks a bit outside xD

that moment when you try to draw a furry oc but you realize that your style doesn't cooperate with furries

(true story, happened to me just now)
Akumarou elementalkitti 

Rain fell down outside. Aku could faintly hear rain and thunder outside. However, the room had almost no windows, so she had to rely on the thickness of the walls to hear anything outside the room. Well, there was one window, but it was nailed shut, and the curtains were hardly open. The small creak of gray light shining through the window was enough to let a small streak of light run across the room. A fan placed in the room blew in some soft cold winds. The blanket had been pulled away, but not so much as to reveal the shackles on Aku's ankles that were holding her onto her comfy prison.

"Hey, any of you guys seen this house in use? There was a lamp on in one of the windows." Aku heard a voice from outside. "Uh, I think so. I thought this house was abandoned for years, though." "I'm pretty sure it was, Irke. But still... I think this is the neighbor where Aku was last seen, right?"

The minute Aku heard her name, she almost jumped out of bed. She would've, if not for the shackles. She so badly wanted to call out for help. But she knew Matt would hear her. She tried to lean over to face the window as much as possible without straining herself on the shackles. She tried waving her hands to see if they'd notice.

"Yeah, and I think Rainy went missing here too. I wonder what happened to them." "Same here, Kitti. Honestly, I wonder if they're ok. Rainy's been missing for about half a day now, and Aku's disappeared for almost two days. You think they're hurt?" "Guess that just depends on fate, right?" "Yeah, I guess so..." 

Aku could just barely make out two people outside.

"Well... Wherever they are right now, I hope they're ok..."

"Same here, Irke."

"Yeah, let's just hope for the best."

Aku could hear them walk off. She lay on her back, took off her glasses, and buried her face in her hands. She realized people knew she was missing, and was worried she'd never see the light of day ever again. She could hear the door open.

"Aku? Are you alright."

She automatically assumed who it was. She started to breathe fast, her face red with anger. "NO I'M NOT ALRIGHT, YOU PSYCHO! YOU'RE THE REASON I'M STUCK HE-"

She saw someone standing in the door that wasn't Matt.

It was Edd.

He had a bandage wrapped around his upper arm, and was standing in the doorway.

"Aku! Oh thank God!"

Aku's face lit up. "Oh my God! Edd! You're actually here!"

Edd ran to her side. "Uh, Aku... You ok?"

Aku wiped her eyes a bit. "Yeah... it's just been so long since I've seen anybody other than Matt.."

Edd nodded. "I swear, I'm gonna rip him to shreds... C'mon, let's get you out of here..."

Aku went pale. "Oh yeah..."

She pulled back the blanket, revealing the shackles.

"I can't."

Edd was, for once, extremely shocked. "Oh jeez, is that why you haven't been able to escape on your own?"

Aku could only nod as a response.

Edd sighed. "Ugh, fine, I'LL get them off.."

He reached for the shackles. Then, Aku suddenly remembered. "Wait, STO-"

Spikes shot up into Edd's hand, a bit of blood bursting from it. Edd screamed in surprise. "Ow... You could've told me... Look, I'll see if I can find another way to get you out of here."

"I don't think so."

Edd spun around to be greeted by Matt, holding a knife so close to his face that it nearly grazed it.

The room was dead silent for a few seconds.

"Don't. Touch. My. Senpai."


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